What Is Wealth Management

Legacy Structure

We explore strategies to mitigate, reduce or defer tax. But for those with heirs, unnecessary tax avoidance typically isn’t the only issue. Issues of how, when, for what purpose, and under what circumstances heirs receive money is also important. Should clients have concerns about an heir (or heirs) abilities to handle money wisely, strategies can be developed that create disincentives or establish shelters from divorce, lawsuits, and business failures.

We show clients how to address issues regarding asset equalization to heirs. For example: suppose a client has a business that represents the bulk of their estate. The client may determine who may participate in the business, and who may not.

We structure legacies that will span more than one generation. In addition to leaving assets to children and grandchildren, we can also discuss ways in which you can fund your own private foundation, which can be managed and overseen by generations of heirs to come.

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